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Professional Negotiation Skills
What You'll Learn: How to avoid the 4 main mistakes amateurs make How it's possible to negotiate in "non-negotiable" situations About your counterpart and their organisation before the negotiation…
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How to Acquire A Small Business
What You'll Learn: How do you deal with 'hard to talk to' people? How to turn unwanted conflict into positive dialogue How do you maximise the 93% non-verbal communication…
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Financial Statement Analysis
What You'll Learn: To understand the "language" of finance To quickly assess your financial picture in order to make key decisions To interpret the "big three" financial statements How…
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How to Read & Understand Financial Statements
What You'll Learn: The fundamentals of financial reporting To interpret the "big three" financial statements How to "cut through the gibberish" and get to the point How to boost…
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Manage Meetings, Time, Tasks & Appointments
What You'll Learn: What is the 'real' meaning of time? True Priorities are your Key How to determine the most important Tasks and Activities Handling paper, files and memos;…
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Advanced Project Planning & Execution
What You’ll Learn: Learn to define successful project parameters 3 biggest reasons projects they break down Define your specific objectives and identify priorities Learn to create a measurable and…
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Planning for Execution
What You'll Learn: How to find out what really matters most To pinpoint the areas in your career to make the biggest difference To wipe out negative behaviours that…
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Taking Control of Your Work Day
What You'll Learn: The secrets of effective delegation The top ten "time wasters" and how to avoid them How to think beyond the "to-do" list The best way to…
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